i'm doing that thing


burrowing, salt, carnation.      blood, wings, berries.
night, egg.         distance, wrist, electric, birds.         harmonica, guns.
ink, glass, sky.                        weeping, brooms, opals.             topaz, sunlight.
leather.         torpedoes, loves, amber.         sheen, bruise.  glass skeleton.
beaming bullet. torrid laughter, wood chuckle, knife smile.
arachnids, flight.          paper chord, lateral.  tokens.     spine. spin.
         gossamer, rise, burn.     backwards throb.
deep, bright, far, home.    castle & plunge.  torn, foggy.
skittles cerebral and storm.   killers.        sweethearts.
tang, trouble.              vodka, flowers.              planet spit, cosmic shudder.
solar system yawn.                                    cut-throat chasm. manacles.Image



now that new year’s eve has passed and everyone is done being hungover and their whiskey eyes are boggling optimistically towards the horizon, i take this time to bid farewell to the last year–goodbye to the fuckups and the good times, we’re movin’ on.

obviously 2013 is a different thing for different people but damn if we didn’t all live through some things and make some friends and wander around.  i spent half of this year in another country, a newfangled habitat, seeing if i’d change. i ate a lot of salt, i stayed out late, i went on terrible cheap airplanes, i rolled cigarettes, i saw these new things. i met people with names like silver and cats with names like elvis. i came home to the US after all of that and it was sorta like a dream being back again. got a 9-5 job for eight weeks in the summer and english was sweet on my ears, computer screens harsh on my eyes. i went back to school for the first semester of my last year and watched boston go cold, slowly, like it was hanging on to summer.  i did work and drew pictures and watched movies in bed with my boy, had bouts of insomnia and joy, silence and rambling. i drink coffee. i bite my hangnails, run around when i’m drunk, go deep in my head, and sleep on the beach when i come all the way home. because i always come home. now, how much does a person really change after a year? i’ll let you know next december. 

thirteen you were good to me. i’ll do right by you & keep your remnants forever—sittin’ pretty in the back of my mind.

adios and SALUD, mothafucka !

love, s




painted by óscar domínguez.  i saw this today on display at the museum reina sofia—past dalí, past picasso’s guernica, and past the ironwork of julio gonzález. i’ve never taken an art history class and i still don’t know what makes certain pieces of art good, or expensive, or thought-provoking or “nuanced” or whatever and THUS i have no idea what i’m talking about but i know that i like this.  it was my favorite, it glued itself to my brain, here it is for the world to see.

“león-bicicleta: en un solo ser, el sol y el viento, la luz y el viaje; bajo el signo del humor, el rey del desierto se transforma en velocípedo.”

[quote pulled from the interwebz…typical]


shall be listed in order of importance.

  1. supreme lack of peanut butter–although speciality stores do carry it, apparently. to that i say: goodbye PB&J you will be missed
  2. stronger drinks, cheaper wine, shorter lines for the bathroom in bars. i’m not sure why that is but maybe americans have smaller bladders QUIEN SABE
  3. scarves everywhere. four year olds included. wear a scarf or be forever branded a foreigner. scarf the night away. 
  4. dinner at 10 pm, bars at 12 am, clubs until 6 am. that is the whole point of a siesta.
  5. (the least important) my brain still can’t compute the difference between a dollar and a euro. lawd help me

everyone should have a look at nathaniel russell’s fake flyers. they’re full of shits and giggles as well as the occasional sweet sentiment. my favorite is above, but see: http://nathanielrussell.com/fliers-and-fake-books/ for more of that good stuff.  


HELLO WORLD THIS IS MY FACE….i’ll tell you about my life later